There’s a lot of money to be made in the trades but switching to a new career can seem a little overwhelming. How much experience do you need, is it a position where you can continue to evolve, what kind of training is involved to learn the proper techniques and procedures? We get asked these questions routinely, which makes us happy – it’s important to know just what you want from a potential employer and to find a company that proves to be an excellent fit for you.

Here at Zoom Drain, we’ve thought just as much about those questions as you have and we’ve built an extensive pathway towards not just a day-to-day job but a long-lasting, skillful career. And we’re here to show you just what the pathway to becoming an expert technician looks like.

It All Starts With Our Paid Apprenticeship Training

Whether you have a little experience or you’re simply looking for a new line of work, we’re always here to provide the tools, training and support you need to succeed. That starts with our apprenticeship training program, a comprehensive in-house course that can take any level of plumber and direct them towards quickly operating their own Zoom Drain super service truck. 

Don’t worry, training doesn’t mean just sitting in a boring room for months on end – this isn’t Zoom Drain University! We understand school isn’t for everyone which is why our program feels as little like school as possible, offering a blend of classroom and hands-on learning. Our program is structured so our future expert technicians gain a wealth of experience, starting with introductions, understanding the importance of tools and going on ride-alongs in the first week. 

Seeing can only take you so far, but getting out and doing it brings everything together. It could be assisted field training, going out and eliminating wastewater problems with the help of your apprentice team and supervisor or working on a kitchen sink and toilet in our training facility. It’ll all help you better understand the intricacies of plumbing systems and exactly how it all works.

It doesn’t end there, however. There are even customer-based role playing exercises, to ensure you’re providing the best possible service on each and every service call, that way you’re prepared for any question or situation a customer may present. All of this training culminates into a certificate, a skillset you will have for your entire career and immediate work – and if there’s ever questions along the way, you’ve got coworkers who will quickly provide support.

You’ve Now Graduated – Time To Hit The Road Running

Congratulations, you’re now a Zoom Drain technician. Your reward is a well paid career that can evolve at a rate that coincides with your abilities and experience. And, with our organization chart, you’ll know exactly the trajectory of your career and the benefits that come with new titles – from Service Technician to Senior Service Technician to Service Field Supervisor and beyond.

The sky’s the limit – there’s an opportunity to build your career, one drain and sewer at a time.

There’s more than just great pay, unrivaled paid time off benefits and a well-defined career outline, there’s also your very own Zoom Drain super service truck. You don’t have to worry about a reliable truck because every one of ours features the latest amenities, like air conditioning and back-up camera, and comes fully-stocked with all of the equipment you’ll need for any problem you might encounter. It even features our custom built Zoom Jetting system, a high-pressure water jetter built right into the side, so you don’t have to lug equipment. Just unwind the hose and you’re ready to blast buildup, clogs and more from any drain or sewer line.

So, if you’re worried about having little to no experience, continuing to evolve your career or the kind of training required to become an expert technician, let Zoom Drain eliminate that worry with an exciting career avenue, filled with unique challenges and new destinations every day! If you’d like to start your career as a Zoom Drain service technician, check out our openings.

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