We recently promoted three of our Senior Technicians to Field Supervisors at Zoom Drain Philadelphia, rewarding each of them for their tireless work and continued dedication. Josh Gallelli, Nadir Casey and Tyler Seroskie joined the supervisor team, which now consists of six members.

“What made them stand out was their demeanors and their commitment to help this company grow over the years,” said Eric Paolucci. “They do a pretty good job and I think they’ve each embraced the supervisor role – they’ve been helping out the other guys who might need help.”

In charge of teams that are made up of three or four technicians, Field Supervisors are a support system for those in their group, a dependable line they can reach out to if they either need advice, help finding a solution or just to better understand the workings of sewers. It’s an important title that not only helps them grow into leaders but helps those around them grow their expertise. And with almost 12 years of experience between the three of them, it was clear they were ready to manage their own group of technicians and pass on their knowledge.

“I remember being a newer technician and I could get overwhelmed at a job sometimes – it helped so much to have someone to call and have my back,” Gallelli remembers. “Now, I’m the guy that is getting called for advice and I have their back. Knowing that, I’m able to help them both with the job and to mentally calm down and feel better – it is such an awesome feeling.”

Gallelli, who has been with Zoom Drain for five years, started out as an apprentice. Through determination and hard work, he’s managed to see growth. He plans to continue focusing on those two characteristics with this new leadership opportunity – and he’s pretty excited about it.

“I couldn’t be happier,” Gallelli admitted. “To be given the opportunity to keep growing in my career and now, to be able to help others grow in their careers as well, is a great feeling.”

An important piece to the service puzzle, Field Supervisors provide more than just support, serving as a conduit to the service manager, relaying information and overseeing the general tasks of those in their assigned group. For Casey, who also began as an apprentice, the focus now is on septic pumping. That’s his expertise – and he’ll put it to good use to answer any questions that might arise when technicians are out in the field. He’s ready to educate and assist his fellow employees – something Casey enjoys – and wants everyone to thrive.

“Moving up to Field Supervisor means I’m able to provide extra support to those who are coming into the world of drain cleaning, specifically septic pumping. I’m able to provide the education and training to those who are consistently striving to be better daily,” said Casey.

Seroskie started seven years ago as a Zoom Drain apprentice. He’s seen a lot in those seven years and is excited to see what the next seven years bring, for himself and the company. He’s worked hard to climb the ladder and that growth helps keep him motivated to do his very best.

“It’s cool, not only seeing growth in the company, but actually being a part of it,” Seroskie said. “I have worked very hard to climb my way up the ladder and learned a lot along the way. I tell my customers all the time, I do this job because I get to help people all day and this position is just that! It feels good that I can be there for my team and guide them through any issues that arise, just how someone was always there for me – Zoom Drain is a family and I truly believe that!”

We wish all three of our new Field Supervisors the best of luck moving forward and know they’ll continue to do an incredible job helping their fellow employees and representing Zoom Drain!

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