As an installer at Zoom Drain, determination leads to fulfillment. There’s a variety of tasks involved in safely replacing commercial and residential underground sewer lines, from excavation to demolition to restoration, each task just as important as the last. You will be expected to dig, jackhammer, and ultimately manage extensive pipework, though you will start with important assignments, adapting to whatever problems might arise along the way.

Whether there’s a stump in the way or a couple extra feet of hidden concrete, evaluating each assignment to best assess what method perfectly suits the customer is important. Since Zoom Drain is the standard for paid in-house training, we will provide you with everything to succeed – no experience necessary.

  • Proper operation of excavation equipment such as a backhoe
  • Willingness to "get in the trenches" and expose lines by hand
  • Experience in excavation including pipe installation, pipe bursting, and pipe relining preferred
  • Able to lift up to 50 lbs


As you grow, so will responsibility. Take a look at what happens as an Install Technician!

Install Apprentice

Install Technician

Senior Install Technician

Install Field Supervisor