As a dispatcher at Zoom Drain, it’s all about logistics. This position is an integral part of operations, with a target goal of routing the right technician to the right call, at the right time. You will construct the day’s schedule, figuring out the perfect balance between the expectations of both Zoom Drain customers and technicians and building trust through communication.

Think of it this way: you are planning a road trip but, at any turn, things will change, so you need to be ready to adapt to a multitude of challenges, like a technician who needs to include additional work to their current assignment or a customer wondering about their appointment. There might be a million different solutions staring you in the face but it’s up to you to piece together the scheduling puzzle. Since Zoom Drain is the standard for paid in-house training, we will provide you with everything to succeed – no experience necessary.

  • Assign work orders based on priority to the available workforce
  • Schedule & communicate with technicians to meet customer requirements
  • Effectively manage incoming calls


As you grow, so will responsibility. Take a look at what happens as a Dispatcher.


Senior Dispatcher

Lead Dispatcher

Dispatcher Supervisor