Zoom Drain New England Establishes Dynasty With 2021 Franchisee of the Year Award

It doesn’t get any better than this!

Not since Tom Brady and the New England Patriots has the northeastern part of the country seen such a dominant performance.  Zoom Drain New England reached a whole new legacy level in 2021, pulling off a three-peat with it’s third Franchisee of the Year win in a row. Congratulations to Owners Sam Marcisso, Jr., Sam Marcisso III and the rest of the championship Team of Zoom Drain New England for this honor!

“There’s something special about Zoom Drain New England, something about the way they clear drains in Portland, Maine,” said Ellen Rohr, President of Zoom Drain Franchise. That’s what she said when she saw the Franchise of the Year 2021 final scoreboard.

“It seems inevitable that their team would fall in line with all of the other dynasties New England produces. The success of this franchise is undeniable.”

This 2021 win came in the final month of season play, as Zoom Drain New England duked it out with a couple of close contenders – it was really a game of inches. The push for Zoom Drain New England’s record Total Sales of $285,950, along with point-earning stats for August, secured this year’s competition.

The fine citizens of Portland are in experienced, caring hands when they reach out to our partners at Zoom Drain New England. The owners and crew have assembled a Cracker Jack squad of go-getters, led by Cynthia Malloy – a triple threat utility player who is a Service Coordinator, Dispatcher and President of the Cheer Squad, with support from up-and-comer Terry Clarke.

Veteran Joe Gould is crushing it as Field Supervisor, leading a championship-caliber squad of Service Techs and Installers that includes Robert Santiago, James Miller, Marcus Griffin, Sean Gould, Matt Paradis, Tyler White, Tyler Anderson, Rob Melanson and Cody Smith. The impressive expansion of the Install department has been driven by System Engineer Drew “The Closer” Wendrick, while excellent and accurate scorekeeping is done by Ray “Numbers Cruncher” Morin. 

This really was a nail-biter championship season and the Zoom Drain Empire will definitely break it down – job by job – over some beers and lobster for generations. And, in a sports media market as saturated as New England’s, the Zoom Drain New England crew understands that defending their title in 2022 actually starts right now – and it’s going to take just as much work to capture a fourth title. Congratulations!

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