Mike Sweeney Takes Zoom Drain Technician of The Year

The Zoom Drain Tech of the Year is determined by reviewing all of the service jobs each tech completed throughout the fiscal year. Total revenue, total average dollars per job and total average opportunity per job are all taken into consideration. While many technicians performed above and beyond this year, these statistics made it clear that Mike Sweeney is our Zoom Drain Tech of the Year. Also honored this year is another Philadelphia branch Technician, Zouheir Machkir, who earned second place – great work to you!

What made Sweeney’s statistics stand out? He brought in $504,132 in revenue this year, with an average ticket of $528. Zouheir wasn’t far behind at $482,064 this past year, with an average ticket of $586 per job.

A Zoom technician is hard-wired to solve problems. Such is the case with Sweeney. 

A Philadelphia branch technician for over three and a half years, Sweeney is a problem-solver both in and out of the Zoom Drain truck. He began his career back in 2017 as one of our Zoom Drain Technician Apprentices under the mentorship of Service Manager Chris Roche. A veritable drain cleaner, Sweeney proved adept at assessing issues and swiftly determining the most effective solutions for his clients.

Sweeney and Roche have grown together at Zoom Drain! Roche, now the Service Manager of the Philadelphia branch, gave Sweeney some of his most prized advice: evaluate the situation, choose a solution and get to work. If it’s not working, don’t be afraid to step back and re-evaluate.

This combination of confidence and humility has helped him navigate even the most challenging drain problems.

When Sweeney isn’t working drain miracles, he’s hanging the moon for his 10-year-old daughter, Claire. Playing at the park is one of their favorite pastimes, so when Field Day 2020 threatened to be a disappointment, Sweeney, ever the problem-solver, converted their favorite park into obstacle course central. If he’s not spending time with his daughter, he’s hitting the gym (without grunting or dropping weights, thank you very much.) When it comes to Zoom Drain, what exactly is Sweeney’s favorite part? 

He’s most grateful for the fact that he is not paid based on the services he provides. When he visits someone’s house, he can assure them he’s offering the strategy their drains need, not the one that pads his wallet. It helps him build trust with his clients and allows him to focus on solving the problem at hand.

Sweeney has confidence that his job is secure since he works in an essential market.

He is proof that there are opportunities to advance and evolve within the company – and he continues to learn many useful skills that help him both on and off the clock.

This assurance, security and promise enables him to best spend his energy helping Zoom Drain clients. In this way, Sweeney is a great example of why Zoom Drain works so well: when you know you’re taken care of, you can focus on taking care of others.

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