Jessa Stoffel

The best thing about working at Zoom Drain is the atmosphere. We as a team have a lot of fun outside our daily tasks. Each day is different, and every one of our coworkers is always available for questions and comments, or just a quick chat. There’s a lot of collaboration between the different teams, so you meet a lot of interesting people in the office which is different from other places I’ve worked. We also try to make a point of having everyone try each of the various tasks so that each day is never quite the same!


Eric Paolucci

I started here as an apprentice and moved to lead installer and then supervisor. After that, I became Install Manager and also had the opportunity to become a partner. One of the things I enjoy the most about Zoom Drain is watching and being involved in the development of others who join the company. It’s encouraging to watch a young person with no experience get hired and move up through the ranks as I did. Everyone who comes here has the same opportunities as everyone else.


Aaron Kratz

Zoom Drain is the epitome of opportunity! No matter what division you are looking to join, they provide the tools necessary to grow and advance up the ladder. Since starting here I’ve seen exponential growth not only professionally, but also personally. Everyone has the same goal and the same mindset of wanting to see each other succeed. This has cultivated a healthy company culture of collaboration, fun, and trust amongst everyone here. We are truthfully a Zoom Drain Family!


Mike Sweeney

The atmosphere here is welcoming! I started as an apprentice knowing little to nothing about anything in the trades. Now, I’m a senior tech with an apprentice and teaching people myself! The service calls you experience are never alike – each one’s different. It’s always something new and you meet interesting people along the way – MLB owners, famous singers, comic book enthusiasts, & more. The job can be dirty, but it’s very fulfilling and makes it worth playing in sewage!